Meet Belinda Ann Weber

the Author of

Dancin’ Feet

Who are you?

When asked this question in the past I would answer Housewife- stay at home mother, a gym instructor!

A few years back I said – training children for reigning in God’s Kingdom.

Today I answer – I am a child of God who loves to share about Jesus, be it through writing or doing-life-together workshops.

On other occasions I say I am someone who loves to work on community projects.

Who am I? All that God made me to be for His pleasure. I love to say: I am His.

What inspired you to write this book?

I desired to share my journey of a life centred on movement, music and dance, which started at a young age of 7.

I wanted to tell of how the Lord of the Dance, Jesus, pursued me to dance with Him, the King of all kings.

Can you tell me about the book? What is it about? Why did you write it?

The experience of dancing before an audience of ONE, will be a lifelong longing to share with others.

The story is a journey finding purpose and finding God’s plan, which for me is ultimately to bring the Good News of Hope. The hope found in Jesus.

Who is your book intended for? 

All those who desire to read testimony of how God draws one to Himself, should read Dancin’ Feet.

I encourage all those who wish to go deeper in worshipping the one true God, to read between the lines too, and allow the Holy Spirit to lead the reader into a deeper understanding of who He is, and who they are in Him.

What did you learn when writing your book?

One thing I discovered was that as a self-publisher there is freedom to publish a story as the writer sees fit. I learnt while writing this story that patience and a great deal of waiting on the Lord was key in the whole process.

What surprised you the most?

The process from putting the words together to a printed copy in hand, was in the end not that scary as initially I thought it would be.

Does this book describe your journey in any way?

This story is my journey. It also includes workshop notes at the back of the book. Notes about dance and dancers, about meaning of colours and God’s Word on dance.

What purpose do you hope your book to achieve?

I trust that the reader will be encouraged to dance with the King of kings in a deeper way, be it with a pen or with an instrument or simply taking a stroll on the beach. Worship is what we are created to do.

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