About Us

Revelation 1:19 (NIV) – “Write, therefore, what you have seen, what is now and what will take place later.”

SELA, is a co-publisher, helping authors to self-publish.

Being an author myself, I know that the journey from pen on paper or writings on the laptop, to putting it into book form for all to read, seems daunting.  It need not be this way, as it is a rewarding journey.

SELA is here to help the author walk the journey.

Authors must write and artists must create!  – which is why this books store was created.  SELA helps you to earn from your creative works.

SELA Digital Bookstore is a platform to sell not only books, but creative work too, such as, artwork, crafts and music products.

Keep writing, keep creating and let us build this store together – you and SELA.

Anneline Bezuidenhout
Founder of SELA®