Princess Lily-Be Series:

  • Princess Lily-Be’s First Kiss
  • Princess Lily-Be’s Flower Friends
  • Princess Lily-Be’s Fruit Blossoms




Who is Belinda Ann Weber? I am 55 years young, living currently in Tulbagh (BOLAND, South Africa). I am having a very blessed time writing, hosting workshops, and generally doing life together in the community here; making wonderful friends and seeing GOD do miracles in our lives. I love family and I would like to leave a legacy or at least a part of me, that people would read long after I am gone!!!



What inspired you to write this series? 

  • A Pure need to heal and become whole in Christ
  • To be creative
  • To explore gifts and talents that I had long not used or even knew were hidden within me
  • A need to share my stories

What is the series about? Why did you write it? The series began from a place of healing! A restoration and a hope grew in my life when I wrote Princess Lily-Be’s First Kiss. I began to see the abuse suffered, like a steppingstone to all God created me to be. Today it is a milestone for others to pitstop on and be encouraged that Jesus is our Redeemer And Saviour and HE CAN HEAL all past hurts and abuse. God sent many flower friends in the process and this fellowship was my introduction to God’s kingdom ways, as a body who cares for and loves one another as Christ loves His Church . Serving others and encouraging others are gifts that God blessed me with – so as I go about daily life … fruit is born in my life and the lives of others for HIS GLORY.

For which audience was this series written?   These are not children’s books, but are for the child within the  – teen or adult. I believe the child within all of us … should read it.

What did you learn when writing your series of short stories? The first writings began in 2012 and went on through to 2013. I wrote about the past and the future and the present, doing life with others and doing life with the One who made me. I learnt to BE STILL. I discovered FREEDOM in JESUS. I learnt much about who I AM in Christ and I am still learning this lesson. The second print edition of these stories has helped me to focus on what is important and that is … Well, I hope you will read the Stories to find out! (Copies available from Author directly! @PrincessLilyBe or e-mail Belinda at

What surprised you the most? The first time I published, I thought to publish under a pen name: LILY UHURU, meaning “Pure Freedom”; But, in hindsight, the TRUE FREEDOM came when I published under my own name, BELINDA ANN WEBER. We are all called by name, called to fulfil a perfect plan created by God alone. This surprised and blessed me much that I could be just ME. God loves us as we are and is in the business of showing us how much. Publishing three separate   booklets of the stories gave me a lovely surprise which was the meeting of an illustrator (my next door neighbour)! She did the new covers for the booklets. I am blessed to have met this flower friend: Christine A. Slabbert. Here I can mention that the journey with SELA and PARPAR Is a blessed one, because we grow together…for God’s glory. 

Do these stories describe your journey in any way? This is definitely my personal life journey with others and with my family and friends and especially with God.

What purpose do you hope your  stories will achieve? The only goal would be that others would turn to God – the Creator of all things; that all will bend the knee to our Saviour : JESUS And confess with their mouths that JESUS is LORD.