The Pupa-Suite

By Lucille May


I struggled to put this book down. Lucille is a very engaging author. She invites you right into her no-frills, “say-it-as-it-is” life. Just as she is gifted with music, she has been gifted with an ability to take you on a journey with her words. Lifting you up to the high points and then bringing you down to the low places, but not leaving you there to feel sad, sorry or pity, rather bringing you the reader back up and then to a solid conclusion or ending. She has arranged the book like a Baroque Suite – a set of dances that would have been performed in the  palaces and mansions of the wealthy in the Baroque Era (around the 1600-1700’s). Each “dance” or chapter is a separate entity of the whole. The book is divided into two Parts. In Part 1 of The Pupa-Suite, Lucille shares the story of her testimony and ministry.  In Part 2 she shares the journey from brokenness to healing and restoration, addressing key issues to help you either from her own experience or from experiences of ministering to others. When we look back on our lives, as Lucille has, we can see that all along, God has a plan. And every part is woven into the whole tapestry until  we begin to see the picture that emerges, and that picture should be Him. Living a life of obedience has its costs in this world. Jesus learned obedience, even unto death. We too will have things in our lives that we must die to, in order to fulfil the plans that the Lord has for our lives. (Book Review by Julaine Marais) The Pupa-Suite is available from Sela. Also available in Afrikaans. Click on the links below to go to the Sela Online Shop.