TWO LILIES, freedom is found behind iron bars

Belinda Ann Weber, is a wife, mother, daughter, author, dancer, friend, encourager, supporter, mentor and so much more.  We asked her about her book Two Lilies:

Tell us a little bit about yourself Belinda: I am a child of God who loves to do life with others. I love to be with people but in the same breath I will say, I love to have alone time. I treasure the time spent with the One who created me. In these quiet times I write and reflect on everyday life. When I am not writing I am walking or gardening, enjoying the outdoors.

Two Lilies

What inspired you to write this book? Two Lilies started out as journal entries of my times visiting offenders at a local prison, as a volunteer exercise instructor for the juveniles. I felt the need to share what my experience was like as a visitor in a prison. This is how the project of publishing a book began for me. What is the book about? I collated the journal entries over time and published it as a book, entitled Two Lilies. I got to know a woman serving time; one day I felt like she and I were Two Lilies in a field of Lilies dancing with the Lily of the Valley – Jesus. We wrote to one another and shared life together through the visits and letters. I experienced the freedom in Christ behind the iron bars. It was a time in  my life where I could go to the prison and be free. Free to pray with the offenders and dance with them too. I wanted to capture the ordinary and expose the extraordinary in the special moments behind the bars. Whether behind irons bars or not, many of us live in bondage, captive by the enemy of lies. Two Lilies encourages the reader to walk the extra mile with another person, because relationships that God purposed, bear fruit that glorify Him alone.

It is a precious gift to walk with others through this life.

I believe if a reader is thirsty for the truth and loves to read testimony of a good, great God, then this book is for you.

Freedom is found behind iron bars

What did you learn when writing your book? I learnt a lot about self-publishing, in that it allows one to publish a book as the author intends it to go out. Whether it be the right or wrong package in the world’s publishing eyes, it stays as authentic as possible, true to how the author speaks or tells the story. On an the note of editing and proof-reading: It is always good to have others read your work and hear their input. I have grown to love working with SELA and PARPAR. What surprised you the most in writing this book? Once I started to put things together, I asked others to contribute their reflections as well. There are pieces written by those who on occasion went with me to visit the prison. The second part of the book was a journey into finding information and other testimonies of people working in prisons.  A big question is: Where do the offenders go once they leave prison gates? The surprising aspect is that I didn’t plan to include other input into my book, but it happened, and I am glad these references are included. Does this book describe your journey in any way? The journey or the season I spent first in an all-girl’s prison and later in a men’s only prison, developed my relationship with the Lord. My style of writing is definitely one which takes the reader with me on my reflections and outreaches to the prisons. What purpose do you hope your book to achieve? The purpose in my writings is to always share the Good News that there is hope in Christ Jesus. There is a heaven and a hell. Which place do you want to spend eternity in? … A question I leave you with… Turn to Jesus who is the WAY to the Father and eternity in Heaven. Available from Sela Books: