I Ate A Jeep



A5 / 230 pages


The day I died was just the beginning of my journey.

Before my near-fatal accident on a gravel road outside Durbanville, I had the wrong idea about life. I had to die and be woken up to understand the value of close family and the importance of spending my energy on doing things I actually like. I ate a Jeep is a story of how I got run over by a Jeep Cherokee in late November 2014. It’s also the story of a painful and continuing physical and mental healing journey. There is so much to be thankful for, I don’t always see it but I know it now. For this reason, I choose my attitude every day before I swing my legs out of bed. I’ve only got one chance to live and every day has to be my best day! Thank you for the opportunity to share my silver linings with you.

I hope that you too will find your silver linings today and every day.